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4 different squishy slide shoes in colors rust, light pink, and black.

Cushy slides

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These are UK sized, so the US sizing I used is close conversion. If you message me the length of your foot from heel to big toe (in inches), I can tell you what size will fit best!! 

These super comfy slides have been all the rave online!! They are soft, thick, and relieve your foot and joint pain. Wear them for 12+ hours without having any discomfort!! 

Imagine putting your foot into a therapeutic cushion slipper that compresses and relaxes your foot with each step.

They are ergonomically designed with the toe-to-tail at a 15° angled balancing the pressure from your feet through to your hips. You'll notice instant relief for your sore feet, ankles, knees, and hips!! 

Built with 4.5cm thick, anti-chafe, anti-slip EVA compression material to support and comfort your feet at all times. The softness reduces the pressure of walking, so get a pair for outside and inside!!

They are designed with anti-slip textured material to prevent you from slipping and falling as well as keeping your foot from coming out. You also won't experience any chafing or blisters!!

They have the thickest mid-sole on the market to give you pillow-like comfort with every step. They weigh less than your phone, you won't even notice they're on!!